[2008.05.17] Marina marches off 玛丽娜激流勇退

The Amazon

Marina marches off

May 15th 2008
From The Economist print edition

Brazil’s minister for the Amazon resigns in frustration

The rainforest’s defeated champion

WHEN Marina Silva was appointed minister responsible for preserving the Amazon five years ago, she gave a big boost to Brazil’s standing among the world’s environmentalists. All her adult life, she had been a prominent and uncompromising activist for the preservation of the rainforest, so the choice was a bit like picking a human-rights lawyer to run the police. But on May 14th she resigned—out of sheer frustration. Her departure will now make it a lot harder for President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s government to convince Amazon-watchers of its determination to slow the rate of deforestation.
五年前,在玛丽娜•席尔瓦 (Marina Silva)被任命为部长负责保护亚马逊地区时,她在使巴西屹立全球环境保护大国之林中给予极大推动作用。在其所有的成年生活中,席尔瓦女士都是一名功勋 卓越和绝不妥协的雨林保护活动家,因此这一任职极象是选择一位人权利律师来管理警察。然而,在5月14日玛丽娜•席尔瓦女士选择了辞职——出于全线崩溃。 现在,席尔瓦女士的辞职将令亚马逊守护者难以相信卢拉政府拥有减缓森林砍伐速度的决心。

Brazil has so many ministries—35—that tussles between them are endemic. But Ms Silva had become increasingly fed up with losing so many of her own. She lost out to Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s chief-of-staff, in a row over environmental licences to build hydroelectric power plants on the Madeira river, the Amazon’s longest tributary. She lost out to the agriculture ministry over the use of land in the Amazon region for farming. She was overruled in her opposition to the licensing of genetically-modified crops and again in her bid to quell the government’s enthusiasm for nuclear power.
巴西许多部委——35个——彼此之间的明争暗斗是波澜起伏。但是,席尔瓦女士对个人所得失去众多已逐渐变得厌倦不 堪。在对马德拉河(亚马孙河上最长的支流)修建水电站项目的许可上,玛丽娜•席尔瓦女士接二连三地惨败给卢拉的总参谋长罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)。在征用亚马逊保护区用来农田耕种上,玛丽娜•席尔瓦女士惨败给农业部。在许可种植转基因农作物的反对中和在争取平息政府对核能的热情 上,玛丽娜•席尔瓦女士再次惨败。

Then, in a move that was even more galling, Ms Silva was elbowed aside by Roberto Mangabeira Unger, a Harvard philosophy professor turned minister for long-term planning, who is sometimes gently mocked as Minister for the Future. Mr Unger, who is enthusiastic about big infrastructure projects in the Amazon, was handed the task of co-ordinating the government’s plan for development in the region. “She accumulated so many defeats that she reached her limit,” says Roberto Smeraldi of Friends of the Earth in Brazil.
随后,在 一场更为难堪的人事调动上,席尔瓦女士被罗伯托•曼加贝拉•昂格尔(Roberto.Mangabeira Unger)排挤出去。作为哈佛大学的一名哲学教授,昂格尔先生现在摇身一变成为一名国家部长负责巴西的长远规划,有时他还被人轻微地嘲笑是规划巴西前景 的部长。昂格尔先生对亚马逊地区的大型基础设施项目十分热心,并被安排了负责协助政府开发亚马逊区域方案的任务。“她在巴西受到了多次惨败,实在是达到了 忍无可忍的地步,”环保组织“地球之友”的Roberto Smeraldi如此表示。

By getting out now, Ms Silva keeps her reputation intact and can return to the Senate, where she may say what she likes. She is such a well-known figure that finding a replacement will be hard. She grew up in the forest, where her parents were rubber-tappers. It was not until she was a teenager that she learned to read, going on to win a university degree before becoming Brazil’s youngest senator when she was elected in 1994 at the age of 36.
通过激流勇退,席尔瓦女士可使其名声完好无损,并可重返参议院(她或许会说自己很喜欢在此工作)。席尔瓦女士是一个如此深有 名望的人物,以至于找到她的替代者都将是困难重重。席尔瓦女士在森林里长大,其父母是橡胶采集工。席尔瓦直到十来岁时才学会读书认字,随后获取了大学学 位。在1994年,36岁的席尔瓦被选举为参议员,成为巴西有史以来最为年轻的参议员。

The front-runner to replace her is Jorge Viana, a former governor of Acre, one of the states that make up the Amazon region. But Mr Viana is understandably nervous about taking over a ministry that appears to have been sidelined, particularly at a time when the rate of deforestation has speeded up. If Lula fails to talk a good candidate into accepting the job, Ms Silva’s resignation will become an even bigger blow to his claimed good stewardship of the Amazon.
接替席尔瓦女士的首选将是Acre州(亚马逊地区的一个州)的 前任州长豪尔赫•维亚纳(Jorge Viana)。然而,在接管看似被兼并的部委上,尤其是在森林砍伐速度加快的时候,维亚纳先生深感紧张不安,这也是可以理解的。如果卢拉总统找不到一名合 适的候选人来担当如此大任,那么席尔瓦女士的辞职对其兑现妥善管理亚马逊地区的诺言将是一个极为沉重的打击。

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