Another atrocity in Pakistan再遭暴行的巴基斯坦

Another atrocity in Pakistan

Jan 7th 2010
From The Economist print edition

Dozens of new victims, most of them civilians, after the bombing of a playing ground

Five Pakistani paramilitary soldiers were among more than 90 people killed in a suicide-attack on the crowd at a volleyball game in north-western Pakistan. So were six children.

The bomber’s vehicle carried more than 300kg (660lbs) of explosives.

The attack, in the village of Shah Hasan Khan, was blamed on the Pakistani Taliban, who have been resisting a Pakistani army offensive in the neighbouring tribal area of South Waziristan. It was seen as retaliation for efforts by local people to drive outthe Taliban by forming their own militia, which had organised thevolleyball game.

是次发生在沙哈山汗村的袭击,由在南华兹利坦附近部落地区长期抵抗巴基斯坦军队进攻的巴基斯坦塔利班发起。为对当地人民用自己组建的民兵驱塔利班进行报复, (而村民)当时正举办排球比赛。(注3)

The atrocity, on January 1st, coincided with the closing down of Pakistan’s main commercial hub, Karachi, by a strike in protest at a suicide-attack there on a Shia Muslim procession, which killed more than 40 people.
1月1日暴行发生当日, 巴基斯坦商枢纽, 卡拉奇, 因什叶派罢工抗议游行队伍同样遭受自杀式袭击, 超过40人死亡而关闭。

More than 500 civilians have been killed in terrorist attacks across Pakistan since the launch of the South Waziristan offensive in October.

注1: Another atrocity – 直译是“另一个暴行”。但认为“再受蹂躏“或者”再遭暴行”比较适当, 因为当日在卡拉奇也发生自杀式袭击。
注2,注3: 加括号是为令文章更顺畅。

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